SPAE conference

The subject of safe low-voltage apparatus was widely discussed at a press conference organized by the Electrical Equipment Manufacturers Section (SPAE) of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEiT) during the second day of the 31st Energetab International Energy Fair 2018. The conference gathered a large group of industry media representatives and associations, chambers operators, producers and other market participants. The conference was opened and welcomed by Stefan Kamiński, President of KIGEiT. Speakers included members of the SPAE Section and representatives of the Market Surveillance Department of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Research Office for Quality SEP-BBJ and SHE of the Association of Employers of Electrical Engineering Distribution.

The aim of the conference was to draw the attention of market participants to the increasingly common presence on the European electrotechnical market, low-voltage electrical apparatus that do not meet the technical requirements and declared parameters. On the one hand, apparatuses may pose a threat to the health and property of users, on the other, through unfair competition, they drive out safe and full-value cameras from the market.

At the European level, on the above the problem was highlighted by members of the MSSI Electrical initiative, which was presented by Wojciech Świątek, President of the SPAE Section at KIGEiT.

During the meeting, also presented:

  • Implementation of the MSSI Electrical initiative in Poland (presented by Member of the Management Board of SPAE - Marek Tabaka)
  • Amendments to the regulations in the market surveillance system regarding the area of low voltage electrical equipment (presented by Katarzyna Bednarz - Head of the Market Surveillance System Monitoring Department, Market Surveillance Department of UOKiK)
  • Activities of the accredited laboratory to ensure the safety of low-voltage electrical apparatus (presented by Marcin Ocioszyński - Director of SEP-BBJ)
  • Distribution program, "I am not ashamed of what I sell", promoting the idea of caring for the quality and safety of products (presented by Tomasz Boruc - Managing Director, SHE Association of Distributors of Electrical Engineering).

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