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Per Rømer Kofod (Veltek – MSSI Denmark), will be speaking at the El & Teknik fair – the largest fair for electrical components Iin Denmark.
The fair will take place from 15. to 17. May 2018, he will speak about

The European Commission has published a RAPEX notification on a circuit breaker in the Report 10 (Published on: 09/03/2018). Cyprus submitted the alert.

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Agoria will host MSSI Electrical in Belgium. MSSI Electrical is now active in 8 European countries, Belgium, The Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and The United Kingdom. 

Pierre Selva, the convenor designate of the MSSI-Electrical Working Group, addressed the audience during the EFM event sponsored by Orgalime and entitled  "EC PROPOSAL ON “COMPLIANCE AND ENFORCEMENT” OF EU PRODUCT LEGISLATION:  Will it improve end-user safety and fair competition...

In the RAPEX Report 6 (Published on: 09/02/2018), there is a  notification on Surge protection device. 

More information on the alert,:

What is RAPEX? More on the European Commission website: 


EIA the Electrical and Electronic Association of the Czech Republic decided to join the MSSI-Electrical initiative. 

It is another step towards safe and compliant products in Europe.

The Association was founded in 1992 as an economically and legally independent union of employers...

RAPEX alert on Miniature Circuit Breaker

more information about the case : 

Ins and outs of RAPEX, please check the European Commission website 

La signora Magda Malewska ha spiegato all’evento ( ) quanti marchi testati non hanno passato almeno uno dei test. Per maggiori informazioni, si vede il documento in pdf.

Il nuovo sito internet di ASEC e’ stato lanciato il 5 luglio 2017

– congratulazioni a ASEC!


Magdalena Malewska ha presentato MSSI ai membri dell'Associazione Polacca Distributori di Materiale Elettrico (Stowarzyszenie Hurtowni Elektrycznych) durante la convention annuale di maggio 2016. È possibile scaricare la presentazione di seguito (in polacco).

In Polonia, MSSI viene chiamata MSSI_SPAE (da SPAE_KIGEiT)....