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The European Commission has published two RAPEX notifications on RCCB's in Report 7 (Published on 15/02/2019). Cyprus submitted the alerts.

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The European Commission has published a RAPEX notification on a mains extension lead in the Report 49 (Published on 07/12/2018). Italy submitted the alert.

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Niko conçoit des solutions électr(on)iques pour mieux faire travailler les bâtiments pour tous ceux qui y habitent et y travaillent. En consommant moins d'énergie, en améliorant le confort d'éclairage et la sécurité et en faisant coopérer toutes les applications sans...

The subject of safe low-voltage apparatus was widely discussed at a press conference organized by the Electrical Equipment Manufacturers Section (SPAE) of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEiT) during the second day of the 31st Energetab...

DEHN is a leading, globally active family-owned company for electrotechnology with almost 1,800 employees worldwide. DEHN offers innovative products and solutions as well as comprehensive services in the field of surge protection, lightning protection and safety equipment. The focus of...


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