About us

MSSI Electrical is a CECAPI initiative, with the support of major industrial players including ABB, Benedict, Eaton, Hager, Legrand, Schneider Electric and Siemens. MSSI Electrical, a not-for-profit initiative, is serviced by the ORGALIM Partnership in Brussels.

MSSI Electrical’s objective is to help eliminate unsafe and non-compliant electrical products in Europe to help protect people, goods and property. 

Working together, with trade bodies, market surveillance and law enforcement authorities, MSSI Electrical will provide information and training to support efforts to help ensure 100 percent of products used in Europe are safe and compliant.   

Some of the biggest global names in electrical product innovation are working together to raise awareness and inform the right people, including supply chain operators, customs and other government organizations. 

The objectives are twofold: 

1. The first goal is to bring together manufacturers to agree and develop proactive actions / initiatives for ensuring optimum customer safety and product compliance with European directives to contribute both to safety for customers of electrical equipment and to fair competition among market operators. The intent is to develop an initiative that serves as a framework to achieve more effective market surveillance by the relevant national authorities across Europe.

2. The second goal is to foster the widest application of this new framework, as defined above, including through reporting unsafe or otherwise non-compliant products to the relevant national authorities. In particular, this initiative would strive to: 

  • Improve market surveillance effectiveness and efficiency by contribution of all economic operators in European countries
  • Consolidate national reporting of unsafe or otherwise non-compliant products to national authorities under the umbrella of a European organization.


Website: http://www.cecapi.org